Apparently Chevy made a huge splash in Austin, Texas this past week – they launched their new digital campaign, which includes music, film and an interactive festival. Users can check in from their phones around Austin and get up to the minute updates and messages from Chevy about what’s new and exciting about their products. They also revealed a new application for phones called the iReveal, which gives a three dimensional, augmented reality model of Austin.

Apparently it’s a new marketing scheme, and it seems to be going well – or, at least, GM hopes it is, because they blew 30% of their marketing budget on the new digital design. It’s a good start for GM, who has fallen behind Ford in the digital market, but the biggest question is whether or not it’s necessary. But GM isn’t done yet – they also believe that a car should sell on its merits, which is why they handed out eight new models to teams of drivers across the United States to drive them from wherever they were to Austin for the digital conference thing. Let’s hope it works.